Interpretation of Chest X-rays in Tuberculosis

Authors: Bary Rabinovitch, MD, FRCP(C)—Author; Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD—co-author and Series Editor
Number of pages: 9
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Overview: Every GP in India will need to consider TB as a differential diagnosis in persons with cough lasting two weeks or more, or with unexplained chronic fever and/or weight loss. Chest radiography is very widely used in India. Chest x-rays serve as an invaluable adjunct in the diagnosis and follow-up of TB. However, TB may mimic other diseases on x-rays, and non TB conditions may look like TB. Thus, chest x-rays are neither specific nor sensitive, and so remain a supplement to microbiological tests such as microscopy, PCR and culture. Treatment of TB purely on the basis of x-rays can result in significant over-treatment with adverse consequences for patients. Therefore, all persons with chest radiographic findings suggestive of TB should have sputum specimens submitted for microbiological examination. This article provides a series of x-rays that serve to educate the provider about radiological interpretation of TB and common pitfalls and errors in interpretation.

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Interpretation of Chest X-rays in Tuberculosis

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